Hike to Earn

Get rewarded for what you love doing. Earn Effort tokens for hitting the trails. Just install the Silverlight app, record your hikes and runs and start earning today. It's completely free!

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Earn your first 50 Effort, for signing up and recording your first activity.


Watch our App Trailer

Watch the video to find out what hike-to-earn and the Silverlight app is all about.

Record Your Hikes

Record your hikes and runs with the Silverlight App and keep track of total time, distance, elevation gain, avg. pace and more. Earn Effort tokens based on your Effort.

Effort is calculated using a formula that takes distance and elevation gain into account. Completing more challenging hikes will reward more Effort.

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Future updates will allow you to discover new trails and trail locations, to participate in events such as trail running races and trash pickup events and support non-profits as well as share gear recommendations with fellow hikers and purchase gear from your favorite brands directly in the app.

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Landmark NFTs

A collection of rare Landmark NFTs representing picturesque natural landmark destinations. Starting with the United States edition, you can own NFTs of famous locations like Antelope Canyon and Grand Prismatic Spring.

NFT holders will earn Effort tokens for every Silverligh app user visiting the location in the real world. Join our Discord community for updates:

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Got questions? We’ve got answers.

What are NFTs?

An NFT or non-fungible token is a form of blockchain token that is uniquely identifiable. It can be used to verify ownership of digital assets like art and other digital files that can be traded on the blockchain.

What does it cost?

The Silverlight app is completely free. You can download it from the Google Play store and start earning immmediately.

How can I obtain NFTs?

In this current version NFTs are not yet implemented in the app. In the near future you'll be able to create trails and locations with the app and obtain NFTs in the process. Another way to obtain NFTs will be via our NFT sale. These will be landmark NFTs with distinct artworks and in prime location for earning Effort tokens. Please follow us on Discord and stay tuned for our NFT sale announcement!

How can I earn Effort tokens?

At first you can earn Effort by earning it through hikes on the app and by owning a landmark NFT once available. Over time we'll add more ways to earn Effort through events, contributing to the Silverlight app trail directory & more.

Who's behind the Silverlight app?

Silverlight is a small business launched in 2019. We innovated and made some major improvements to hiking socks with our first product Silverlight Hiking Socks. Now we're taking things to the next level with the Silverlight app. Find more info about the company on our About Page.

What can Effort tokens be used for?

Currently the uses for Effort is still limited. However, we will add a lot more ways for you to earn and spend Effort in the future. Examples are discounts on hiking gear from your favorite brands, supporting non-profits and events or buying NFTs that can earn you additional Effort.

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Visit the Android Play Store or the Apple Store by clicking one of the buttons below and start earning Effort today!

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